The SMALMAP System
A fundamental breakthrough in real-time data mapping realization and integrated underground GPS positioning hardware combined with a cutting-edge software engine
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Our technology
A revolutionary GPS alternative
Since GPS technology was developed decades ago as a critical part of the now well-established Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), it has become a fundamental cornerstone of nearly every industry, from smartphone-based applications and handheld consumer electronics to global shipping and air traffic control to high-precision satellite tracking and military applications. The prevalence of readily available GPS and other GNSS elements has, however, stunted widespread commercial development of high-fidelity positioning technologies intended for environments in which line-of-sight satellite communications may be strictly unavailable. This lack of complementary technologies to standard geo-positioning systems has limited the growth of many industries where there is clear demand for increased technological alternatives and autonomy from vulnerable systems—especially those environments where traditional GPS is impractical and positioning knowledge is a matter of safety.

The Simultaneous Multi-Agent Localization, Mapping, And Positioning (SMALMAP) System serves as a complementary technology—if not a complete replacement—for traditional GNSS such as GPS, primarily serving industries for which satellite-based positioning is either infeasible (e.g. underground mining applications) or insufficient (e.g. self-driving car or military applications).  Using a cutting-edge data reduction engine fueled by leading techniques in AI and machine learning, the core IP of SMALMAP allows for fast, real-time localization without the need for satellite line-of-sight systems while providing high-resolution environmental data distributed collectively within the client application network. Inspired by techniques used on board autonomous rovers designed for Mars exploration, SMALMAP is a first-of-its-kind data fusion of Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM) and a distributed, data-reduced collaborative networking model that enables real-time and high-fidelity positioning for multiple agents.

SMALMAP technology aims to directly enable industries that are beginning to emerge on the autonomy frontier in a way that promotes increased productivity and enhanced worker safety. It is the goal of Pytheas AI to utilize this fundamental breakthrough in technology to revolutionize the concept of robust and reliable geo-positioning in a world highly dependent on conventional GNSS, ultimately paving the future of today's global industries.