Oliver Wang
COO & Co-founder

Oliver Wang has been a leader in entrepreneurship and technology for 24 years, having been the CEO of the Toronto-based tech think tank, ApoSys technologies, and a lead engineer in the aviation, aerospace, and telecom sectors. Oliver holds an MEng degree in Aerospace Engineering from Concordia University of Montreal, Quebec and has executive training from the Harvard Business School. Since Oliver gained his Canadian citizenship in 2005, he has been an active collaborator with the Ontario Government and the National Research Council of Canada, and was the client advisor at innovation centres in 2021.He is a long standing member of the Ontario local incubators network and also has built international collaborations with leading companies in the railway and mining industries. Known for both his innovative technology insights and efficient and safety-first approach to the use of emerging technologies to tackle some of the most significant concerns regarding global positioning systems, Oliver’s unique background propels the mission of PytheasGPS to lead the development and application of alternative GPS solutions to make the world a safer place, especially in mines. Also a serial entrepreneur, Oliver is recognized for his strong stance on the ethics of technology and business development. As a regular Marathon runner, Oliver has run to help bring attention to the beneficial uses of technology to combat inequality in race and gender, to support democracy, and to fight poverty.