The GPS Alternative
Complement, supplement, or replace traditional GPS for high precision, real-time positioning, including underground, surface, and airborne applications
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Our Industries
Underground GPS applications to enhance our world.
Current Applications

Mining & Tunneling

Our team has evolved SMALMAP technology from a long history of high-precision devices intended to help shift mining and tunneling toward electrification to improve reliability, efficiency, and workplace safety. With this foundation and over years’ establishment in the industry, SMALMAP aims to take this concept several steps further by offering a robust underground positioning system that helps promote the industry's overall transition to fully autonomous mines. Without access to traditional GNSS underground, our SMALMAP products provide both real-time, dynamic, and collaborative mapping and positioning for vehicles, personnel, and assets while informing operators about changing conditions and environmental hazards on site. With full integration into mining infrastructure, our team has engineered SMALMAP to serve as the core technology for full mining autonomy, transforming a critical industry into one in which automation and built-in on-site safety are the standard.

Potential Applications

Infrastructure & Military

GNSS systems remain a critical component for many aspects of national and global infrastructure, from air traffic control and international shipping to precise localization for autonomous drones. The distinct and fundamental lack of systematic redundancy in GNSS systems like GPS sets a strong precedent for technologies that complement or that could even serve as a robust replacement for geo-positioning systems for applications that are unable to tolerate single-point systematic failure. There is particular interest in utilizing SMALMAP technology for civilian and military applications for which systems like GPS may be intermittently or actively blocked, providing a completely independent means for high-precision positioning. When used together with other alternative navigation technologies—including Celestial-Aided Navigation, Magnetic Anomaly-Aided Navigation, and Vision-Aided Navigation—our SMALMAP products serve as a powerful tools and reliable references to calibrate and further utilize these technologies with greater precision and accuracy.

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