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A robust GPS alternative built on cutting-edge technology and pioneered by a focused team of engineers and experts who are on the forefront of innovation across global industries
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Pytheas AI is the brainchild of the Toronto-based ApoSys Technologies think-tank that has developed critical infrastructure technologies intended to complement, supplement, and even replace traditional GPS. Utilizing state-of-the-art AI-empowered technology, Pytheas AI aims to make significant innovations in local, terrestrial, and global navigation, both enhancing industry autonomy while ultimately making our world a safer place.
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Our Technology—SMALMAP

Our proprietary technology IP—the Simultaneous Multi-Agent Localization, Mapping, And Positioning (SMALMAP) System—is a fundamental breakthrough in real-time positioning that provides high-precision location information for engineers and workers in industry as well as autonomous equipment and vehicles. With AI-empowered techniques, SMALMAP is capable of transforming large and otherwise opaque data into usable and readily workable localization data structures to be used in real-time in real-world environments for which traditional GPS may be ill-suited or unavailable.

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